ADCHN – Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking

Duration : 2 Years, Part Time  |  Eligibility : S.S.C. Pass

1st Year – Syllabus :

Licentiate in Computer Hardware Maintenance – LCHM

Duration : 1 Year, Part Time

  • Theory Paper I – Basic Electronics & Digital Techniques
  • Theory Paper II – Microprocessor & Peripheral DevicesTheory Paper III – Computer Hardware Maintenance
  • Practicals & Project


Contents :

Basic, Analog, Digital Electronics, Test Instruments, Microprocessor 8085

PC System – Assembly, Installation, Maintenance, Fault finding & Upgradation

I/O Peripheral Devices – keyboard, Mouse, SMPS, UPS, Monitor-LED,LCD, Scanner, Printers, WebCam

Drives – Hard disk, CD/DVD drive, Removable drives, Pen drives. Wireless Devices

Component Level Fault Finding

Installation of OS, Application Softwares, Utilities,

Antivirus, Diagnostic tools

Data Recovery


Laptop & Portable Technology

Introduction to Networking

Allied mechanics – Tools, Cutting, Punching, Drilling, Filing, Threading


2nd Year – Syllabus :

  • Theory Paper IV – Motherboard II & Laptop Repairing
  • Theory Paper V – Basic Networking
  • Theory Paper VI – Advanced Networking
  • Practicals & Field work

Contents :

Laptop & Portable Devices nMotherboard, Laptop, LCD/LED monitors, ATX SMPS nChip Level Repairing

Types of Networks, PAN, LAN, WAN, MAN etc.

Types of Protocols, TCP/IP, IP addressing IPv4 and IPv6, nNetworking models – Peer to Peer, Client Server and Hybrid Networks, VPN. nStudy of Network Operating systems, features of NOS, OSI Ref. Model,

Network Devices – NICs, Repeaters, HUBs, Switches, Bridges, Routers, Gateways, Modems. n Type of Transmission Media – Guided Media – Coaxial Cables, UTP and STP cables, n Wireless Networks- Working of Wireless Networks, Wi-Fi Devices, Wireless Standards like 802.11a/b/g/n

System Fault Management – Power, Link, Storage. n RAID – RAID0, 1 & RAID5, Virtualization, Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization, n Cloud Computing – Characteristics of Cloud Computing. n CCTV Installation & Troubleshooting

Study of Network Operating Systems: Study of Server Installation, configuration and administration, ADC, RODC, User administration, GPO, DHCP, FTP, WEB, DNS configuration. User and disk quota, VSS, backup, Networking Utilities.

Linux Operating System -Features, Flavors, Advantages & disadvantages, Installation, file, disk & user management. Process, backup Management. Quota Management – S/W RAID & LVM, ACL, Firewall, NFS, FTP, DHCP, Web, SSH server configuration.

Introduction to shell scripting.