DIE – Diploma in Industrial Electronics

Duration : 1 Year, Part Time

Eligibility : H.S.C. (Sci.) or MCVC. or

ITI. Electronics / Electrical or B.Sc. or RAVS.

Syllabus :

Theory Paper IBasic Electronics
Theory Paper IIAnalog Electronics
Theory Paper IIIPower Electronics
Theory Paper IVDigital Electronics
PracticalBasic and Advance

Contents :

Basic Electricity, Passive & Active Components, SMD components, AC-DC Theory, Simple Rectifiers & Circuits, Regulated types of Power Supplies, Thyristers, Amplifiers, Oscillators. Photo electronics & Applications, Industrial Rectifiers, 3 Phase rectifiers, SMPS, UPS. Different Motors, Sensors. Logic Gates, Flip-Flops, Counters, Shift Registers, Arithmatic circuits, Encoder, Decoder, Mux, De-Mux, Timer, Memories, Microprocessors, DAC &DAC Circuits.

Introduction to Micro-controller, PCB designing & layout using Software.