DEDAS – Diploma in Electrical Domestic Appliances Servicing

Duration : 6 months, Part Time  |  Eligibility : S.S.C. Pass / Fail


  • Theory Paper I – Electric Domestic Appliances
  • Practical I – Basic Electrical
  • Practical II – Maintenance of Domestic Appliances
  • Project

Contents :

Introduction to Trade theory and electrical safety. Types of conductors and insulators. Crimping , Soldering. Importance of preventive maintenance. Different types of cables. Study of winding principals, constructions, Electric Home Appliances Troubleshooting – Toaster, Iron, Washing Machine, Vacuum cleaner, Fan, Mixer, Grinder, Blender, Electric oven, Heater, Microwave oven and etc. Balancing the rotating parts ( Magnetically and Mechanical ) .