Celebrating 73rd Independence Day

The day of great pride and glory for every Indian, the 73rd  independence day of our nation was  celebrated with enthusiasm and respect at Prin. N.G. Naralkar Institute. Prof. Dr. Mahesh Abale, Officiating Director, hoisted the national flag on the institute building sharp 7.30 am. All the present staff and students saluted the flag and then sang the National Anthem. Dr. Mahesh Abale, delivered a speech. He said that thousands of soldiers have lost their lives while protecting the Land and while fighting for Mother India. Now it is our/everyone’s duty to work hard and honestly. If everyone performs their duty sincerely and honestly, it will certainly add to the nation’s development. The program concluded with the pledge, evoking the feeling of patriotism. In the end of the ceremony, sweet-balls ( Pedhe) were distributed .