Workshop – Sound Recording, Editing and Effects

The Department of Computer Software organized a one day workshop on “Sound Recording, Editing and Effects” on 26th February 2019  for Diploma in Graphic & Animation students. The guest speaker was Mr. Rutudhwaj Deshpande, Founder and Director of SHARKFINN STUDIOS, Pune. The event started with a welcome address. The guest lecture was preceded by a short talk by HOD Mrs. Supriya Shaligram. She introduced the guest and emphasized the importance of workshop. Mr. Deshpande started the lecture with the presentation on the following topics with the detail knowledge on every aspect in slides. Topics Covered were – Sound and its types, difference between analog and digital sound, mono and stereo, different types file Formats in detail. After presentation he introduced the recording software “Audacity” to the students and shared vital practical knowledge with students. He demonstrated different types of systems, live recording, editing sound and effects which are used in the industry. After the session students queries were answered by him.