Khandenavmi Pujan

The Khandenavami Pujan was held on Monday, 7th October 2019, by the auspicious hands of Dr. Mahesh Abale. On this special day, all the Laboratories, Library and Office were decorated and beautified. The students from electronics department decorated the lab very beautifully with great enthusiasm and joy. Computer Software department students made superb handmade posters and paintings of the wonderful women team of MOM-Mars Orbiter Mission and exhibited them. Through their drawings they showed the power within woman. 

Dr.Mahesh Abale in his speech, appreciated the art and skills within students. He explained the importance of the day. And He stated that, “The Shastra Pujan of the tools, equipment, peripherals, and machineries is celebrated with great joy, to express the gratitude towards the machineries which make the human life better and without which human life becomes impossible and inefficient”.