Visit to Exhibition – Logosmart

The Graphic Design curriculum focuses on creating intelligent and powerful visual communication. Students build a strong foundation for a graphic design career by learning design techniques, visual thinking, concept development, color, composition, and typography. This is done through case studies and hands-on exercises and visits to various exhibitions in the related field.

Logo design is a major part of the curriculum. Logo Smart Exhibition was organized by Smart Champs & Ad-Volve.  They displayed hundreds of  different types of logos and meaning of those logos. They also elaborated concept of logo and steps in creation of logo.  The exhibition was very informative and easy to understand. Four Teachers and 85 students visited the exhibition held at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Ghole Road, Pune on 16th Aug 2018. Students keenly observed and learnt about – What a logo is and how to create one, lettering/fonts and their implications. The students were enabled to develop their mental faculties of observation, imagination, and creation.